Book Marketing: How to Get Recognition on a Budget

(Guerilla) Business Your In-print Book

Following are a few of the things I’ve implemented to bazaar some of my own books, which accept accustomed top ratings on Amazon and hundreds of “Likes” on my official columnist page on Facebook.

All it will amount you is some time, some gas, a lot of adroitness and perseverance, and beneath than $200:

$40 – for 1500 business cards on Vistaprint

$75 – for 20 copies of your book (if beneath than 300 pages) on CreateSpace

$1 – for a cycle of band at the dollar abundance

$30 – for an ad on Facebook

$50 for postage (to mail 10 copies of a book to 10 altered people)

If on a bound budget, get the copies of your book for $75 and 1 box of business cards for $10. Almost anyone can accommodate you tape, and you can hand-deliver copies of your book instead of commitment them.

Your strategy:

+ Actualize an arresting ad on Facebook and set your commercial annual to $1 per day. ($30 per month)

+ Mail copies of your book to tv / radio personalities, bookstore owners – and awning a handwritten agenda allurement them to apprehend the book or canyon it forth to anyone who may be interested. Accomplish abiding your autography is clear. ($5-8 per book print, additional $5 postage if you mail it priority)

+ Column a hotlink to your Facebook page or website on a accordant Facebook page – for example, if your book is about a adolescent with Down’s Syndrome, column a hotlink to your book on Down’s Syndrome Association, Downs Ancillary Up, and Down’s Syndrome Scotland page. Most page owners are OK with you accomplishing this as continued as the affair or book is relevant. FREE!

+ Get online writing or belief arise in a annual like Harper’s, Tropics, Apex Magazine, etc. This usually pays you $0.50 to $1.00 per word, and it gets your name out there. FREE (can in fact pay for the blow of your business efforts!)

+ Subscribe to a writer’s annual like Writer’s Digest. You can aswell apprehend copies for chargeless at your bounded accessible library. ($15 per year or FREE)

+ Social Media: actualize a contour on the following, and advance them consistently (schedule at atomic one day a ages – it should yield you just a brace of hours to advance all of them! Ample in your username, password, and a hotlink to your contour in one place, such as this file.

(Facebook pages should be created for your capital characters, your books, and an columnist page for yourself)

















Your Website:

Amazon Columnist Page:



+ Ask bounded bookstores if you can do an actualization or signings. Most baby bookstores acceptable this, and it allowances them as well. I acclaim you action the buyer a collapsed fee or a agency for anniversary book you sell. (FREE – can even pay for your added business efforts!)

+ Most accessible libraries will host bounded columnist appearances and readings, usually with capacity such as “Women’s fiction”, “Black History / Literature”, “Hispanic Heritage”, “Mystery Month”, etc. acquaintance them and see if they’ll affection you at one of those events. (FREE!)

+ Networking – arise parties, events. Dress to impress! A acceptable abode to alpha is, which hosts a networking accident for bounded professionals every two weeks. Actuality you can accomplish access that can advice you acreage plan as a freelance copywriter, ghostwriter, gets your name out there, and may advice you advance a book. Plus, they’re fun! (and FREE!)

+ Book Fairs – yield advantage of your bounded market. Most cities and towns will host a book fair, and it’s usually not too big-ticket to get a booth. Or, you can buy a admission to get into the book fair and accord abroad business cards or copies of your book(s). (Cost will vary). An alternating FREE advantage is to advance for the event. Check the accident website.

+ Reading clubs – These in fact exist, and if you are an columnist humans will buy copies of your book, apprehend it, and sit about and altercate it over tea. Be abiding to action your books for a appropriate abatement to the associates of the club. You can acquisition book clubs on Meetup or Booksprouts. PaperbackSwap is like Netflix for books, and you can accommodate out copies of your printed book in barter for anyone else’s. I acclaim including a handwritten appeal on the axial awning for the borrower to amount your book on Amazon and Goodreads if they enjoyed it. (Free – can in fact pay for your time!)

+ Writers clubs – such as those on Meetup (Free!)

+ Chatrooms – although dying out and acceptable added focused on developed entertainment, accustomed babble accommodation are still a abundant way to affix with readers. (FREE!)

+ Book Websites – such as Shelfari, Goodreads, Whichbook, Librarything, Gnooks, TheStaffRecommends, GetGlue, Blippr, 22Books. (FREE!)

+ Donate copies of your book to libraries and universities, or academy libraries if a children’s book. Again, handwrite a agenda on the axial awning allurement for the clairvoyant to amount your book and canyon it forth if they enjoyed it. ($5-8 per book print)

+ Column business cards (with band if bare – but don’t accident property!) EVERYWHERE a lot of humans can see them: bus stops, tables at Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, mailboxes at accommodation buildings, the checkout lanes at Target and Walmart, INSIDE SIMILAR BOOKS AT THE LOCAL LIBRARIES, on the shelves of your brand area at a ample bookstore like Barnes and Noble (ask administration if this is OK with them first), annual boards, grocery food (usually accept a annual board), doctor’s appointment cat-and-mouse accommodation (here you can leave copies of your book as well), cine theaters that affection a blur in the aforementioned brand as your book(s). Get artistic – but stick to places ample numbers of humans can see them, and affectation them prominently. ($10 for 250 cards, beneath big-ticket if you buy more)

Note: I accustomed abrogation business cards door-to-door in my neighborhood, acclimated 380 cards, and alone got 1 new “Like” on my Facebook. The added way aloft works better. Also, If application this action be abiding to abstain places in which the books are on timed consignment. That is, the books they accept are on the shelves for 3 months or so and again unsold copies are beatific aback to the publisher. These places awning Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, KMart, Target, etc. If you accept to do it anyway, accomplish abiding you alone abode your agenda in 1 archetype of anniversary title.

+ Accomplish abiding your awning looks acceptable as a baby icon. Bethink that your book may arise on a annual with several added books – and if your annual is a abstruse mess, cipher will bang to apprentice more.

+ Similarly, accomplish abiding your business agenda catches people’s attention. Plain cards tend to get filed or befuddled out after a additional look. Use an clear annual on it (not necessarily of you) and accede press something different on the about-face ancillary (an extract of a story, pictures, motivational words, etc.) – things that will attract humans to accumulate the agenda on their board at plan or fridge at home.($10 for 500 cards)

+ Adviser your online attendance by aperture an annual on Yatedo. This website monitors seek engines and is able to aerate searches by affective sites that are not accordant to you lower on the seek after-effects list. It aswell helps you adviser any abrogating websites that could affect your online reputation. (FREE)

+ Sign up for Google Alerts ( This will forward you an email whenever a new website or aftereffect ancestor up on Google, and will advice you adviser websites that may be illegally affairs your book (Thailand, China, and India are belled destinations for this affectionate of thing). It aswell helps you to acquisition if anyone has acquaint a analysis or annihilation about you online that is searchable immediately. (FREE)

+ Get reviewed. There are abundant means to do this – you can pay $400-550 at Kirkus Indie – but bethink that they can analysis you abnormally and will not affair a refund. Another, beneath expensive, advantage is Publishers Weekly’s PW Select, which costs $150. However, admitting paying them, you may not get reviewed. What you pay for with them is application for review, not a analysis itself. ($150-550)

+ Accede accomplishing a book trailer. Abounding writers are accomplishing this (James Patterson, Dan Brown), and it gives you the befalling to tap into YouTube’s millions of users. Accomplish abiding you tag your video with frequently searchable agreement (Coming Soon), additional some actual specific agreement (murder with knife). Do a seek on YouTube to get an abstraction of what these attending like. (FREE – 1000′s of dollars)

+ Do a Press absolution and forward it to bounded newspapers. This is quick, easy, and FREE. Abounding newspapers (and don’t overlook the small-print ones, like your bounded municipality’s newsletter or paper). Newspapers charge to ample pages, and sometimes account are just not there on a accustomed day. Press releases are acclimated to ample this amplitude – but be abiding you chase the able architecture or they will not even accede it. (FREE)

+ Actualize an Amazon Columnist Page (author central). This adds believability to your plan and you as an author, in accession to accepting you on seek engine results. EVERYONE should do this, even if not arise yet! (FREE)

+ Actualize a Wikipedia commodity for yourself and/or your publishing company. This will yield you some time to master, because you will charge to adduce sources afore accepting it accustomed and posted, but it will advice get you in seek engines and more. It aswell adds believability to you as an author, back not abounding absolute authors are on there. Again, don’t abide a bio you would put up on an Amazon Columnist Page. SPEND TIME ON IT. (FREE)

+ Giveaways. These are able business tools. Accomplish abiding that the account you are giving abroad acutely identifies you and your artefact (book). One abundant and bargain advantage is stickers. I created stickers shaped like my latest book (cover) which has the appellation of my book and my name as the author. I purchased bedding of 24 on Vistaprint (if you abode an adjustment for business cards, they will action these to you at a abundant abatement – but adjustment alone 1 area – you’ll see why later). Once you complete your checkout process, Vistaprint will yield you to their bound time offers page, with a alarm that starts counting down from 10 minutes. If it alcove 0, the offers will no best be available. This is area you will acquirement added bedding of stickers at a atom of the discounted price. For me, the aboriginal area amount me $5. After checkout, anniversary area amount me $1.50. You can cut these up into individuals and ask the administrator at ANY abundance (preferably a book store, though) if they would apperception giving one abroad to anniversary chump in their bag or whatever, and you can do this with branded pens, pencils, or whatever. Most managers will do it, because it looks like they’re the ones giving the chump the gift. ($1.50 -?)

Remember that if you are a writer, you accord to the chic of “creative types”. So, if it comes to business yourself or your work, why use that creativity? There are abounding options to get the babble out about you or your work, and abounding of them are free. Now go out there and get famous!